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Maninder Tennessey

February 10, 2015 Kelly Fry is our realtor: we implicitly trust her background, experience, and wisdom. Over the last sixteen months Kelly has been instrumental in the purchase of four properties: two with my family and two with my business partners. All of which are strong investments and excellent properties. Her insights and guidance were pivotal in navigating the highly competitive market to successfully purchase, as these properties all had competing offers. She is highly knowledgeable and savvy in real estate, but her passion and commitment to sharing her wisdom is what sets Kelly apart. Her natural leadership and mentorship abilities are demonstrated through her constant sharing of resources and books (some of which she has gifted to me and my partners). I continually learn so much and consider Kelly to be a personal mentor. No question is too silly, and nothing is a waste of time. Her go-for-it attitude and strong work ethic ensures results. In addition to Kelly’s tenacity, drive and commitment there is a straightforward and down-to-earth attitude that makes it effortless to work with her. Currently, Kelly is finding us a home of our own. She is truly a joy to work with. This woman is on top of her game, yet always eager to learn more and do better. I feel confident when I work with Kelly, or discuss possibilities, because I am assured that I am in the best hands possible. Kelly has never let an email or call go unanswered. She has put together offers late at night – whatever it takes! She is invested in my success. All of this, while juggling the responsibilities of being a mother, a mentor to others, and taking on volunteer work.

Josh Bath

"Its been said time and again that you can tell a leader by looking to see how many people are following them! Well I am one of many agents in my company that are following Kelly Fry. She has quite rapidly become one of the most highly spoken of & sought out agents for her expertise in helping to understand how to identify great revenue properties, build wealth and reduce their expenses & debts. Kelly shares her knowledge selflessly and with a servants heart! I am honored to call her my friend!"

Matt Bastien Part 1

I am writing with the purpose of providing a professional excellence testimonial for Kelly Fry of Keller Williams Elite Realty. What Kelly has accomplished since beginning her real estate career has been nothing short of incredible. In an industry where most agents do less than six transactions in their first year, Kelly managed to not only create a sustainable business that rocketed her into the top bracket of our office, but also win Rookie of the Year honors in an office that has produced Rookies of the Year for the entire REBGV a number of times recently. She truly understands how real estate works, is extremely fluent in the market and conducts her business with only the highest integrity. I could continue telling you about Kelly’s excellence in real estate, the number of transactions she does, the astronomical growth of her sale rates, her rapidly expanding database, attention to detail, high regard for ethics and a plethora of many other things that make this woman an amazing agent and human being. I won’t. I prefer to tell you about how Kelly Fry changed my life. I have been a licensed agent for over eight years, a member of a Medallion Team for three years, a President’s Club team for one and an individual Medallion member for the last three.  

Matt Bastien Part 2

Kelly sat me down and explained to me how money works. Not only the purpose but also the necessity for budgeting and money management. She explained taxation for agents and the benefits of becoming a Personal Real Estate Corporation. How holding companies work and how to build wealth. Stuff that had never been explained to me through any training provided by an body, office or company. Simply put, Kelly showed me how to take the business that I had created and actually make it work as a tool to provide a life for my family. I am now debt free with the exception of a mortgage and for the first time in my life has considerable savings to build a business and provide security for my children. I cannot state enough how this wonderful woman has changed my life. Now, if this stopped with me it would be easy to discount the above story as just an education from a very nice person to a lost soul. The real reason that Kelly is my definition of professional excellence is what she has done for other agents, both inside and outside of our office. She has been an active member of Keller William’s Agent Leadership Council and has hosted numerous sessions on financial fluency, wealth building, corporation benefits and taxation for agents. She has brought guest speakers into our office to educate our agents about what they need to know in order to not just make, but also keep, money. As a direct result of Kelly’s mere presence in our office, a number of our top agents have incorporated this year. You see, the education provided by the real estate community all too often focuses on what one needs to do to obtain business. It teaches how to gain clients, write contracts and stay out of real estate jail. It teaches how to work ethically and with high integrity. What there is not much of is education on how to ensure that our industry does not lose talent due to inability to manage money and how to dodge. That is what Kelly Fry has done. She has ensured that top agents will not leave the industry due to poor financial management in an industry where the attrition rate is already quite high. To me, professional excellence isn’t about who sells the most homes or lists the most luxury properties. It isn’t even about who is the best agent to work with on a co-operative transaction or who donates the most to charity. It is about who truly cares about our industrial standards overall and makes it their personal mission to enrich the lives of their colleagues through making knowledge available to the whole. Her selfless teaching to agents, day to day conduct in and around the office and determination to have others succeed through her is a vibrant example of professionalism and I firmly believe the real estate community struck gold when she obtained her license such a short time ago. If there were an award higher than Professional Excellence I would remove this testimonial and submit it to that. To my mind, there is no one more deserving of this accolade than Kelly Fry. I humbly submit my request that she be honored for who she is, what she has done and what she will do for the real estate community. With gratitude,

James McBride

 I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly Fry since she joined our Keller Williams Elite office in 2012. Since then, we have worked together as accountability partners, served together on our company’s Agent Leadership Council and assisted with one another’s business. Suffice to say, I believe she is the right choice for this award. In my opinion, she conducts herself in a way that reflects very well on our industry, exemplifying what we should strive for as Realtors. I have found her to be extremely competent, reliable and trustworthy. In my experience, her word is “golden” and her attitude is positive and confident. In addition to being driven to achieve the best for her clients at all times, Kelly works ethically and with integrity, demonstrating a spirit of cooperation and respectfulness towards her counter-party on the other side of the deal.

Additionally, our office holds Kelly in high regard not only for her professionalism; but also, for her willingness to share her expertise with our ALC and to other realtors in our office. She has volunteered many hours helping other realtors improve their financial acumen. Lastly, despite having achieved much professional success, she continues to strive for greater excellence.