Kelly Fry is a 
Realtor® who is also a Chartered Accountant. She is originally from Montreal where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy at McGill University. Her love for numbers has made her a natural at analyzing real estate deals. 

Kelly ran her own business for 10 years after she left her position in public practice. It was during that time that she ventured into real estate investing. Kelly went from building a real estate portfolio of 4 properties to almost 50 properties within 4 years. Her largest deals include raising over a million dollars for the the acquisition of an 11 acre parcel of land in Mission, BC  to purchasing a $1.080 million dollar condo converted building in Red Deer at wholesale with only $12,000 down and retailed out most of the units and joint ventured on the others.
Not only is Kelly a successful Real Estate Investor, Realtor®, Real Estate Mentor with Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Education, REIN member, REAG member. Kelly offers Real Estate Investors a unique advantage when negotiating. 

She walks the talk...
Her vast experience negotiating is also very beneficial to her regular homebuyers.  Her professional business training makes her a pro with the sale of her client listings as well.

Having invested in rental properties for the last 14 years across Western Canada, she knows what investors need. She also knows how to analyze the deal, find maximum cash flow and optimize your ROI.

Building your wealth and her own in real estate is her goal.





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